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Cat Snuggle: Why Cats Love it?

Contrary to the belief that kitties are aloof loners, most are cuddly companions that need your attention and love because they get lonely when you aren’t around. Snuggling not only makes your kitty feel warm and safe, but it also allows him to spend some quality time with you. Warmth and Safety Cats like to…


Is Dog Walking A Good Habit?

Having trouble sticking to an exercise program? Research shows that dogs are actually Nature’s perfect personal trainers—loyal, hardworking, energetic and enthusiastic. And, unlike your friends, who may skip an exercise session because of appointments, extra chores or bad weather, dogs never give you an excuse to forego exercising. In 2008, the U.S. Department of Labor…


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Can Dogs and Cats be Vegetarians?

Veganism is on the rise: there are now 542,000 people in Britain following a vegan diet, never consuming any animal products including meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and honey.  If vegetarians (i.e. those who refuse meat but eat milk and eggs) are included, the total moves up to 1.68 million people. These figures have been…


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5 Most Common House Pets

In the United States, 62 percent of households have a pet, industry statistics show. Pets provide positive physical and mental benefits to their owners, including decreasing blood pressure and depression. Not every pet is right for every human, but some animals consistently rank at the top of the popularity list. Dogs Dogs are part of…


low maintenance pets

What are Some Low Maintenance Pets?

Not everyone has the time, energy, or resources to take care of a pet, such as a dog, that often requires a lot of maintenance. For those who would still like animal companionship, but with fewer of the hassles associated with pet ownership, there are many options available for low maintenance pets. This may be important…



How Long Can Pets Be Left Home Alone?

If you are going on holidays you might be wondering; “How long can I leave my pets home alone for?” There are many factors to consider, how long can they be alone without food and water, as well as their need for companionship. Read more    


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Dog Care When You Go on Vacation

When you are going away on vacation, for short or long periods of time, you will need to make arrangements for your dog. The most common services to choose from are dog sitters, dog boarding, and house sitters. Here are some of the benefits of using these services. While all three options are great, the…